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Solar + Smart Storage Solutions Tailored to your commercial assets

The PowerHaus energy optimization or energy autonomy systems are ideal for all sorts of real estate asset classes especially those assets where space is limited.

Our Solar + Smart Storage systems are best suited for the following commercial real estate applications:

Strip Malls: Usually these types of developments have a simplified site configuration and usually don’t exceed two stories in height, and most commonly are flat roof single story buildings with adjacent or surrounding ground level parking. Thus, the roof’s sun exposure is un-obstructed by neighboring properties or overly tall landscaping. Strip Malls are ideal contenders for 100% energy autonomy systems, requiring just an enlarged dedicated electrical room that can also house our custom smart storage system needed to power up the entire facility during evening and nighttime hours.

Veterinary Clinics: These are also an ideal real estate asset class to receive an optimized smart storage system in lieu of the often unreliable and high maintenance diesel or natural gas generators they typically rely on. Opting for a Solar + Smart Storage System has its obvious benefits for any category of clinics that are operating on a tighter budget than your larger hospital asset class.

Assisted Living Facilities: Typically spread out over larger plots of land similar to a hotel resort the typical customer of such a facility is very dependent on the reliability of the facility’s backup emergency systems, especially in the regions most affected by tropical storms and hurricanes.

PowerHaus Solar + Smart Storage Advantage


We have a customer-friendly process. At PowerHaus, we make solar & storage simple. We are with you every step from the initial consultation to the moment your system begins producing energy and beyond. Our goal is to provide you real energy autonomy.

Hand-picked staff

We’ve hand-picked the best staff to support our mission. Our team is among the most talented and experienced Solar + Smart Storage experts in the industry. We design, engineer, and install turnkey Solar + Smart Storage systems that produce the most results under Florida’s unique conditions. This means there is more power in both full sun and lower light conditions.

Affordable options

Going solar can be affordable. Flexible financing and other incentives are only part of making solar cost-effective through PowerHaus. We also have a number of innovative strategies that may add extra savings for those who qualify.

Expert installations

We specialize in highly technical Solar + Smart Storage system installations. By integrating energy-saving technologies, we reduce loads first by decreasing heat load, thereby reducing HVAC costs (the largest portion of your electric bill). Integration of Bi-facial panels means more production year-round in cloudy and full sun conditions. Next, we integrate the longest lasting, safest battery storage available with the ability to control it all seamlessly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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