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Solar energy is a spark driving the growth of distributed energy technologies. Utilities and their customers are embracing solar like never before. In doing so more and more customers are looking for 24/7 solutions.

The role of energy storage can be summed up in two words: grid empowerment. No matter how you consider the evolution of distributed energy, it’s clear that this technology will play an integral part in the growth of a clean energy ecosystem for decades to come.

At its heart, energy storage delivers flexibility, range and responsiveness for all types of solar instillations.

Thanks to its versatility, energy storage plays many roles in today’s smart grid applications. In one application, this technology can be harnessed to provide grid balancing services, offering a reliable and consistent flow of electricity to consumers.

Solar Energy storage also smooths out variable generation from solar panels as weather systems pass overhead.

Or, in another application, it provides the necessary security and independence required to operate microgrids, and individual homes even at night.

Home owners, businesses and utilities across the nation are realizing the potential of this versatile technology and deploying it in unique ways. From community solar arrays to microgrids, customer-sited energy storage and electric vehicle charging stations, customers are integrating new and creative ways to harness smart energy storage technology.

At PowerHaus we understand smart energy storage and can provide you with a comprehensive guide of resources that delivers solar energy with 24/7 reliability and dependability using cost effective storage technologies.

Find out more about solar production and storage contact us today at PowerHaus.

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