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Simplifying Solar Panels

Here at PowerHaus we believe in Simplifying Solar so customers can make informed decision. So, in this blog I want to provide the four basic Solar Design options available and explain where and how they are used.

Off Grid Solar – When People talk about going off grid this is what they usually think of, being completely independent. In rural area’s this is possible and many times is the only way to provide power without using large whole home generator powered by fuel oil, natural gas, or propane.

Things to remember
1. If you live in an incorporated city or county in the United States most require some type of grid connection to deem the structure as livable under local codes.
2. National Electrical codes in the United States still require some type of small generator to back up the system for when the batteries are drained or you have several cloudy days.
3. Balancing loads and solar generation is very important to prevent running out of power for long periods of time. Requires daily monitoring.

Grid Tied Solar – 2 -Net Metering Systems

Each state has different laws in place that determine how utilities pays customers for grid tied power. It is important to check local city, county, state, and utility guidelines before you decide. But on average here are the 2 types.

Some utilities have Grid Tied – Net Metering systems in which the entire energy generated is fed directly into the grid and the systems owner receives a credit to offset part of the amount of the total usage by the customer. (Also called Gross Metering)

Things to remember
1. In both types- When the Grid Goes Down- You Go Down. Because these systems use Grid -Tied inverters there is no battery backup storage to power the customer. Like wise to prevent electrocuting line workers any interruption in power from the utility causes a shutdown of solar production.
2. Provides some savings on electric bill, but because most utilities stipulate solar instillation size of customer, usually only offsets a small portion of electric bill.
3. The Electric companies or states can discontinue net metering at any time. Usually when the states offset goals have been meet. This means that rates paid can be changed or discontinued and feed in tariffs may be added later.
4. Does not allow electrical indecency or autonomy.

Grid Tied Battery Backup

Things to remember
Grid Tied/ Battery Backup provides the best of both worlds.
1. During Grid Outage automatically switches over to solar powering home or building. Whole House UPS
2. Battery backup stores power to run loads at night.
3. Larger System generation allows running large loads like heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
4. Provides the ability to use solar, batteries or grid, thereby eliminating need for backup generator true energy autonomy.

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Simplifying Solar