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PowerHaus Declares July 4th, 2017 “Energy Independence Day"

Almost 241 years ago, a group of men, representing the people, declared that they would no longer live under the rules of a tyrant. They asserted that from that time forward, they were free to make their own decision in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These founding fathers established a system that generated its power from the people, not large centralized monopolies, far away and unanswerable to the anyone.

Today, this country and the world face a similar situation. Our energy, essential to every aspect of modern life is controlled by far away mega-utilities and corporations deciding what type of energy (often fossil fuels), where, when and for how much we pay for energy. Yet now as then, an independent system is taking hold. In it individuals decide how, where, when and for how much energy is produced.

Just like in 1776 local economies, are deciding by their own actions what type of goods and services (in this case renewable energy- solar & wind) and the overall costs to the consumer. More and more it is local grassroots movements becoming involved in local and state governments that are sparking the revolution to renewable energy independent.

The cost of solar panels and batteries have decreased in the last 5 years. Both are projected to continue to decrease significantly as the economics of scale becomes more and more a factor here in the United States and globally. Additionally, over the past 10 years local cities, counties, and states are making it easier to buy, install and permit solar to individual consumers.

This has helped create a new industry of low interest financing through local lending institutions and banks and spurred the adoption of programs such as Y-Green to allow homeowners and businesses to find cost effective ways to revolutionize their individual energy independence. Moving forward, we will be sharing our thoughts about the solar energy industry, and how we can move forward.

Right now, this alternative energy shift is occurring at different rates all over the United States and World. Here in Florida, PowerHaus is leading the change to the solar energy revolution by providing proven solar generation and storage options to meet individual home owners and businesses needs to achieve energy autonomy.

Our comprehensive design and engineering begins by listens to the customer to provide a well-rounded set of cost effective options and solutions. Call us to find out more on how you can produce and store your own energy and join the renewable energy revolution.