Solar + Smart Storage Solutions

Solar is the fastest growing energy source worldwide,

but just producing power is not enough, true energy autonomy requires four key elements. Reducing power consumption, generating the power, storing the power and seamlessly managing usage.

PowerHaus integrates these four areas to provide a system that puts you in charge of producing, using and selling you energy production while reducing overall usage, with the ability to easily manage it from anywhere in the world.

PowerHaus helps you capitalize on all your solar + smart storage opportunities

PowerHaus makes building solar homes with smart energy storage painless and easy. Our in-house local experience and world-class technology are only a few of the solar energy advantages that make us one of the fastest growing clean energy company for small businesses, commercial companies, governments, schools, farms, water districts and more.


Hand-picked staff

Affordable options

Expert installations



Control energy costs

Installing Solar + Smart Storage reduces your energy costs today locking in prices for decades to come.

Help the environment

Solar + Smart Storage provide a clean, limitless supply of energy providing the fastest way of reducing greenhouse gases.

Energy autonomy

Solar + Smart Storage provides reliable, clean energy to power your world no matter what happens to the grid.

Enlighten your world today

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